Native American Tales

Sun Creation

Sun CreationSun Creation

Brule Sioux

The Earth didn’t used to exist. It was just sixteen sacred hoops. The Sun called everyone together and decided to create the Earth. The four directions blew their breath in and so did the grandfather spirit. The Grandfather spirit also made plants. The trees would talk to each other and we still don’t understand what they say.

The Sun and Grandfather Spirit continued to make the Earth, it took a long time, eons. They decided people should be in pairs, but people were not created yet. Several great spirits were created, including Blood Clot Boy. Woman was created after the moon was created and she was supposed to walk to the Earth. She walked on a bolt of lightning and a string of blood.

It took a long time for the woman to cross, but finally she made it. The man and woman were not to be together right away. They had to get to know each other. Eventually they were together and had twins. The population continued to grow and certain people did certain things. Eventually the period of creation stopped, but it took a long time.


This is a story by Leonard Crow Dog. He’s a medicine man for the Sioux people. It’s not necessarily a story that has been around for a long time, but it’s something that came into being under Leonard. It holds elements from other myths, but it’s newer in the grand scheme of things. It’s a very long story and my summary does not do it justice.

Leonard took common mythology elements of his people and put them into one story. It’s a little more narrative than some of the other myths might be because Leonard put it together.


The thing I really like about this story is the period of Earth’s creation. It took eons and eons. It didn’t get done in seven days. I am of the camp that does not believe in the hole idea of seven days. Seven billion years maybe, or something along those lines, but not seven days. Who is to say what a day is to God anyway?

Man and woman also didn’t come together right away, which is reflective of our society. We don’t meet up like animals and have sex to reproduce, well, most of us don’t. We take a little time to get to know one another before we start procreating and having children, ideally.


The sun created us all.

Weigh In

If you created the Earth, how long would it have taken you?

Could you have planned the whole thing out?


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