Native American Tales

Three-Legged Rabbit Fights the Sun

Three-Legged Rabbit Fights the SunThree-Legged Rabbit Fights the Sun

Western Rocky Mountains

Three-Legged Rabbit only had three legs, but he made a wooden leg so he could move fast. The sun used to be very hot. So Rabbit decided to go and figure out why the sun was so hot. He made himself a house out of cactus because it did not burn. He knew sun was about to come up because the ground was boiling.

Rabbit shot the sun with an arrow. He said that the white part of Sun’s eyes would be the clouds, the black part the sky, the kidney a star, the liver the moon, and the heart the darkness. The sun itself was to be a big star and never be too hot again.

From that time forward, sun was never too hot and rabbits have brown spots behind their ears from where rabbit got scorched fighting the sun.


Leave it to a three-legged rabbit to get things accomplished.


This is essentially a story about why the sun is not too hot, but sometimes, in the summer, I think the sun is too hot. A hundred degrees is just about too much for anyone, maybe we should sic a rabbit after it again.


Sun, don’t be too hot.

Weigh In

Is the sun too hot?

How did the rabbit end up with only three legs?


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