Native American Tales

Coyote Steals the Sun and the Moon

Coyote Steals the Sun and the MoonCoyote Steals the Sun and the Moon


Coyote is a very bad hunter and never caught anything. He saw Eagle and decided to team up with Eagle to catch something. Coyote told Eagle that the reason he couldn’t catch anything because he couldn’t see. There is was no light. They went to search for some.

They came to some people and the kachinas were dancing there. They saw that the people had two boxes. They would take the lid off of a box when they wanted light. One held the moon and one held the sun. Coyote told Eagle that they should steal the boxes so they could have the light.

They took the boxes. At first Eagle carried the boxes, but Coyote kept asking to carry the box. If someone asks you something four times you better let them do that. Coyote wanted to have a peek inside of the box just in case Eagle had put something good in there. He opened the lid and saw that Eagle had put both the sun and the moon in the box. The moon and sun came out of the box and Coyote couldn’t keep them in. The moon raced out and caused it to be cold. Without Coyote letting the moon out we wouldn’t have cold.


The moon symbolizes winter to some people and that’s why it got cold when Coyote let the moon out. I guess it makes sense if the sun symbolizes summer. I have to wonder why how the people kept the cold from coming out when they opened their boxes.


I guess you’re not supposed to let Coyote do anything because he always messes everything up. We have Winter now because of Coyote. I guess we all know someone who messes everything up and I guess there are some situations in which we should never let that person do anything. Don’t put together the new shelf. Don’t hold the baby. Just leave everything alone.


I like Winter sometimes, but I get cold easily, so I guess Coyote should have left the darn box alone.

Weigh In

Would you have let the moon out?

Would you let Coyote do anything?


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