Native American Tales

A Gust of Wind

A Gust of WindA Gust of Wind


Before there were any men, there were two women, a mother and a daughter. The woman had not needed a man to conceive. One day, when the girl was out berrying, a gust of wind lifted up her dress and blowed on her belly. The girl felt funny, but didn’t know the cause. After a bit, her stomach began to grow. The woman told her daughter that she was going to have a baby.

The girl gave birth to two boys, but they also had supernatural powers. The women put them in boards instead of letting them go free. The babies could have walked like fawns, but because the women put them in boards for a while, it takes babies some time to walk now.

One of the boys was stone boy. He told his family to put him in the fire and heat him up and then pour water over him. He made the first steam bath. The other boy was named Wene-boozhoo and named all the animals.


This story is like some of the other stories in that a women gets pregnant by unnatural means. Where’d that baby come from? Well, there was this gust of wind and the next thing you know, I was pregnant. Yes, that really happens…not.


This is a story of creation. How did the animals get their names? Where did the steam bath come from? How did your mom get pregnant? Why don’t babies walk for a year after they’re born. Most other animals can move around and get places as soon as they’re born, but humans, not so much. People noticed the difference. Why couldn’t their babies just get up and walk? Well it’s all thanks to these two women who put their babies in boards. Easier to keep up with, in my opinion, a quiet baby is usually a suspicious baby.


Don’t let the wind blow your dress up, wear shorts, use protection.

Weigh In

If you got pregnant by some weird means, how difficult would it be for you to believe it?

If someone else got pregnant by weird means, would you believe them?



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