Native American Tales

The Foolish Girls

The Foolish GirlsThe Foolish Girls


There were once two girls who slept outside their lodge so they could find men and sleep with them. One night they were looking up at the stars and thought it would be great to sleep with a star, because it would really be something. They soon found themselves in the sky. The stars were great for a bit, but then the stars became just as boring as any other man and they wanted to go back home to their people.

Old Woman sat on a hole in the sky and the girls could look down and see their people. They decided to make a rope to get down. They told the stars that they were going home for a visit, but they got lazy and didn’t make their rope long enough. They ended up in the top of the tallest tree in the world, but couldn’t get down.

They called to various animals passing by that they would sleep with them if they helped them down. None of the animals would take them up on it, except for the Wolverine, but he would also take them back up the tree and keep them captive so he could have sex with them whenever he wanted. The two women eventually saw a woman wolverine walking around and told her that a good-looking man would come up there and have sex with her if she got them down. The woman wolverine liked this idea and got the girls down.

The wolverine was not entirely happy to see that his two women were gone. The wolverine woman said that the wolverine was not as handsome as she had been told and he said that she was no prize herself. They decided that they were both ugly so they might as well stay together. There is nobody so ugly that they can’t find a mate.

The two women went back home to their tribe.


This seems like a naughty story grownups told when the kids were in bed.

“Hey baby, let me tell you about the two foolish girls. First they had sex with men, then they had sex with some stars, and then…”

These girls weren’t very choosy if they were down for having sex with any guy who walked by them outside at night, and then some stars, and then being open to having sex with several animals. A man must have made this story up. Where’s the part of the story where they get wolverine syphilis?

Yep, naughty story.


It’s a naughty story, but there’s also a lesson in here. The two foolish girls learned to not be quite the hoes they were and the wolverines learned that there is someone for everyone. That’s a good lesson, but it’s difficult to remember. There is someone for everyone, but sometimes it seems like you have to look really, really, really, really hard to find the someone that’s for you, but if there’s someone out there for everyone else, why not you? Look, if two ugly wolverines can get together, certainly a half-way decent-looking person can find somebody.

You’re better looking than a wolverine.


Um, yeah, so don’t sleep outside of your lodge and sex with celebrities probably isn’t any better than sex with any other person. Yes, alternate view on the story here.

Weigh in

So who do you imagine made this story up?

What do you think the girls did when they went home?


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