Native American Tales

Sun Teaches Veeho a Lesson

Sun Teaches Veeho a LessonSun Teaches Veeho a Lesson


Sun had a pair of leggings that could set the grass on fire. Veeho, the trickster, admired them greatly. So one day, Veeho snuck them out of Sun’s house when he was visiting. Veeho ran very far and very fast and had a great time of the day, but he eventually slept, using the leggings as a pillow. When he awoke, he was in Sun’s house.

Sun asked Veeho what he was doing with his leggings. Veeho said he was using them as a pillow. Sun knew he was lying. Veeho tried to make off with the leggings again, but he ended back at Sun’s house once again when he awoke. Sun finally told Veeho that if he liked the leggings so much that he could take them. Veeho was happy about this.

Veeho ran out into the field and started setting fire to the grass, they were magic legging after all, but Veeho did not know how to control the leggings. The leggings caught fire and burned up. Veeho was able to escape without being burned too badly. He asked Sun to make him another pair of magic leggings and sun told him that he could only make magic leggings once and that he should be more careful next time. Sun could actually make as many magic leggings as he wanted, but then Veeho wouldn’t have learned a lesson.


Throughout this entire story with the mention of leggings, I’m thinking of the leggings that are popular today instead of actual leather leggings. I’m imagining Veeho running around in some flowery skin-tight leggings and I’m pretty sure that’s not the case.

This is yet another story in which sun has a certain path to follow, which in reality, it does. The sun goes the same way every single day.


So Veeho really wanted these leggings, so he kept stealing them. They were magic leggings to add to the whole thing. First of all, you’re not supposed to steal, but Sun did practice some forgiveness there by just giving the leggings to Veeho. Second of all, the leggings were magic and Veeho did not know how to control that magic.

It’s sort of like getting a Ferrari when you don’t know how to drive. It’s overkill and not appropriate if you don’t know how to use it.

In life, we tend to want things that we don’t have and sometimes those things seem very appealing, but we also have no idea how to use those things or take care of those things. Like who wouldn’t want an elephant? That would be fun right? Well do any of us know how to actually take care of an Elephant? Do we have the money for all of its food? What about space? Can’t keep an elephant in the backyard.


Only one can wear the leggings of power!

Weigh In

If you could make one item of clothing magical, what would it be?

Do you think Veeho is a fashionista?


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