Native American Tales

The Scabby One Lights the Sky

The Scabby One Lights the SkyThe Scabby One Lights the Sky


There had once been five worlds and five suns, but the suns had met destruction through various means. The gods assembled together to light the fifth sun and the honor was given to Tecciztecatl because he had volunteered. A great ceremony was made and it was time to light the sun. In order to do this, Tecciztecatl would have to jump into the flame and he became nervous. He tried several times, but could not jump in to light the sun.

Nanautzin, the lowliest of gods, volunteered to light the sun. No one ever paid him much attention because he dressed in poor clothes and was scabby all over. He jumped in and Tecciztecatl jumped in for shame. The sun was lit by one lowly god.


This talk of different worlds before ours is quite common in Native American mythology thus far in my study. There is a common thread somewhere. Where does the idea of worlds before ours come from?

Christian theology is no different. We believe our souls came from somewhere before they came here.


You don’t have to be good-looking and have good skin to accomplish great things. Nanautzin was looked down upon, but he lit up the sun. You can’t count someone out because of the way they look or because of the way they are dressed. It’s pretty simple, I don’t know what else I could expound upon to drive home this point. Just because someone looks like a hobo does not mean that they’re worthless or that they can’t accomplish things.

Don’t be shallow.


Were these not the same people who made sacrifices to the sun?

Weigh In

Do you find yourself picking a person to do something over another because of their appearance?

Do you think we count appearance for more than ability?


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