Native American Tales

Playing a Trick on the Moon

Playing a Trick on the MoonPlaying a Trick on the Moon


Moon used to be the chief and he told spider to make a rope that stretched from the Earth to the sky. Bluejay and Fox soon found it and climbed up. Bluejay pecked a hole in the sky and they went to the upper world. Fox turned into a Beaver at the lake, but Moon caught him in a trap.

Moon skinned beaver and put his hide out to dry and then threw his body in the smokehouse. Moon went to bed and beaver came out of the smokehouse and got his skin back. He then went exploring. He found a great forest of cedar and pine. He pulled some of these trees up and made them small enough to carry under one arm. Under the other arm he put Moon’s tools for making daylight. He also took some fire, carefully preparing it for a journey. He then found the sun hidden in Moon’s house and took that as well.

He went back to the hold Bluejay had made and changed himself back into a fox. He went back to Earth. He gave the fire to the people. He set the trees out to grow. He made daylight and he set the sun in the sky.

Moon eventually woke up and decided he was going to get his things back, but when he got to the rope that stretched from the sky to the Earth it broke and moon fell down to the Earth and became Mount Si. His face can still be seen in the face of the mountain. The trees which Fox brought back became the forests of the Cascade mountains.


If moon is a mountain, how did we get our current moon? Explain that. Is this particular mountain shiny? Why was this specific mountain created from the Moon?


Look, Moon really shot himself in the foot. He is the one who asked spider to make the rope in the first place. Why make a rope and just leave it there for people to climb up? Was Moon planning on climbing down? Was he going to invite people over for tea? If you don’t want people to steal your stuff, don’t make it easy for them to steal. Lock your doors. Don’t wave your money around. Good Lord, and if you’re the moon, don’t make a rope to your house that pretty much says, “Come steal my stuff.”


Oh Moon.

Weigh In

Do you think the moon was kind of stupid in this story?

If the moon turned into a mountain, where do you think our current moon came from?


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