Native American Tales

Glooscap Fights the Water Monster

Glooscap Fights the Water MonsterGlooscap Fights the Water Monster

Passamaquoddy, Micmac, Maliseet

Glooscap would often go off by himself and say he was going to die, but he could never stay away from the people he watched over. He made many animals, some which used to be very large, such as the squirrel. The squirrel was found to be too destructive when it was large, so Glooscap shrunk it down to its current size.

One day the village Glooscap had created ran out of water. A man went to find some. He found some nasty, murky water and that was it. There were some strange people there and he asked them about getting some water and they said he would have to ask their chief. Their chief happened to be a large water monster. The water monster didn’t want to give away any of the water he had damned up. He also threatened to eat the man, with his mile-wide mouth, so the man hurried off and left.

Glooscap soon found out about it. He made himself tall and dressed the part of an intimidating man. The monster was not happy with Glooscap’s demands, so they fought. Glooscap got bigger and bigger, so big that a mile-wide mouth didn’t matter. He squeezed all the water out of the monster and kept squeezing the monster until it was so small and wrinkly that it was a frog.


Apparently water monsters are a thing in Native American mythology. We don’t have the Loch Ness monster like Scotland does, but we do have Champ of Lake Champlain. Even so, water monsters are a thing in North America, maybe people are just seeing giant squids, maybe a whale off the coast, maybe just a big fish, maybe it’s really an unknown creature, stranger things have happened people.

We’ve talked about Glooscap before and he’s quite the character.


Don’t hoard the water; Glooscap will come and squeeze you into a frog. Water is a communal resource, a human right, and no one has the right to hoard it away from other people. If someone needs some water, you’re supposed to give it to them. Capisce?


Don’t you dare let Glooscap catch you hiding water!

Weigh In

What would you do if someone was hoarding the water that you use?

If you saw a for real sea monster, what would you do?


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