Native American Tales

How Mosquitoes Came to Be

How Mosquitoes Came to Be

How Mosquitoes Came to Be


Long ago there was a giant who liked to eat people’s blood. He liked the hearts especially. The people knew that if something was not done, he would destroy everyone. One man decided to meet him head on. He got in the path that the giant took and acted as if he were dead. The giant came along and saw him thinking he had a quick snack. He carried the man home to his house and then went out for some supplies.

The man jumped up and encountered the giant’s son. He asked the son where the giant’s heart was. It was in his foot. When the giant came back, the man stabbed the giant in the foot, but the giant said he would still continue to eat the people’s blood. The man wanted to make sure of this so he cut the giant’s body to pieces and threw the ashes for the wind to scatter.

The ashes turned into mosquitoes which immediately began biting the man. The giant said, in a voice that came from the cloud of mosquitoes, that, yes, he would take the people’s blood forever.


Oh, mosquitoes, those little jerks, roaming around, sucking blood, transferring diseases. They’re like little, flying, dirty, drug needles.

On that note, I wonder if mosquitoes ever get high or buzzed when taking blood from someone who has been using drugs or drinking. Also, do mosquitoes get sick?


Sometimes you have to choose between bad and bad, hopefully one choice is a little less bad. A giant eating hearts is pretty bad, but so are mosquitoes. Which one would you prefer? You might be able to avoid the giant your entire life, but if he lived forever, the chances of you and him having an encounter would go up a bit. It would also depend on how many humans he drained each day. One, two, thirty? Your chances of getting bit by a mosquito are pretty much a hundred-and-ten percent, but they’re probably not going to kill you unless you get Malaria or something.


All your choices may suck(literally! blood in this case) just choose the one that sucks less.

Weigh In

Which would you have chosen?

If you could trade mosquitoes for another bad thing, what would it be?


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