Native American Tales

The Flying Head

The Flying HeadThe Flying Head


There used to be a flying head that flew around when it got stormy outside and ate everyone one. One night, as the head was flying around, there was one woman with her baby in the lodge. Everyone else had hidden. She decided that someone had to take a stand against the head.

She heated up stones red-hot in the fire. The flying head came by and looked in the doorway. The woman acted as if she were eating the red-hot stones and that they were the most wonderful thing in the world. In reality, she was passing the stones behind her head and dropping them on the ground.

The flying head decided that it wanted to taste the tasty treat, so it raced in and gobbled up all the red-hot stones, then it started to scream. It screamed and screamed and flew away. After that, no one ever say the flying head again.


Good Lord, this is like a story you tell around a campfire to scare teenagers! I’d be scared if I saw a flying head flying around gobbling everybody up. It sounds like something out of a Japanese anime nightmare.


Maybe that scary thing has a weakness and it’s not so difficult to defeat after all, just a thought. This woman, by herself with a nursing baby, decided she was going to take care of things. That’s one heck of a woman. I may be nursing this baby and cooking dinner, but I’m going to defeat this big-a** head that flies around and eats everybody. Don’t mess with her.

She didn’t use a bunch of brawn to defeat this giant head, she used her brain.


Don’t let the big scary head get you!

Weigh In

Could you have defeated the scary head?

So how does a digestive system work for something that is just a head?


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