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#658 Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris

Definitely Dead by Charlaine HarrisDefinitely Dead by Charlaine Harris

Sookie is done with Bill and she’s done with Eric, she’s also done with Alcide, but one of the men she met at the big important werewolf ascension meeting, Quinn wants to go out with her. He turns into a Tiger. Sookie can’t find a normal man can she? Nope.

Sookie wants to go out on a date with Quinn, but she’s also been summoned to New Orleans by orders of the queen. Sookie doesn’t want to go, but she also has to go to New Orleans to clear out her cousin Hadley’s apartment. Hadley had been a vampire when she died and the queen’s girlfriend.

Sookie goes out on her date but gets attacked by some new werewolves, nobody is quite sure who sent them. Then she has to go clear out the apartment. She and the landlady get a big surprise when they do.

Sookie then uncovers a bit of a plot by the queen’s husband. It turns out that they don’t like each other so much and there’s definitely trouble afoot, but what does the attack in the city have to do with the king and queen? Sookie soon realizes what it does have to do with it and it’s been something that has been following her for a while. The truth finally comes out and Sookie can rest a little easier, maybe.

What I liked

I finished reading this book when I was in New Orleans. I found that cool because the book is predominantly set in New Orleans. I got to walk the French Quarter, mentioned in the book. So that’s pretty neat.

I always like that these books are set in the south. Southern books are just the best.

I also like that Sookie, as a fictional and highly desired character, isn’t skinny skinny. She’s a size ten, which is skinny to a lot of people, but it’s not “skinny.” Good for Charlaine for making a character with a bit of curve.

What I didn’t like

I really like this series and I hope to finish out the entire thing so there isn’t a whole lot I do like.

I am somewhat envious of the fact that Sookie has supernatural powers and gets a lot of men. Why can’t that be me? I don’t envy the trouble she gets into though.


What will Sookie get into next?

Weigh In

Is it better to prolong the escape of a secret in fear of the consequences or just go ahead and get the consequences over with?

Is New Orleans magical?


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