Native American Tales

A Cheyenne Blanket

A Cheyenne BlanketA Cheyenne Blanket


When a Cheyenne wants to be alone, he just sits by himself. The rest of the tribe just assumes he’s taking a little quiet time and wants to be left alone. A young Pawnee somehow got a hold of a Cheyenne blanket and went and sat on a hillside outside the camp. He watched the comings and the goings and finally decided on a horse he wanted.

Nobody talked to him, or thought it was weird, because he looked just like a Cheyenne man sitting alone on a hillside with his thoughts.

When the man who owned the horse went away from home, he went and got the horse, and rode off.


Just as a note, the photo is neither Pawnee or Cheyenne, it’s actually Nez Perce, but the horse is an Appaloosa.


I kind of like the idea of everyone knowing that if you’re off sitting by yourself that you want to be by yourself. Seems like a no-brained, but I guess not.

Sometimes our customs become so ingrained in us that something that looks like one of our practices, isn’t necessarily one of our practices. It just looks close enough that it passes a general glance and that’s that. We let this thing happen. We do this all the time. It doesn’t have to match exactly, but if it’s close enough, we let it slide.


Maybe that guy who looks like a neighbor is really a burglar.

Weigh In

Would you have thought anything about a guy having some by himself time on a hill?

Do you think it would be nice to just sit by yourself and not have anyone bug you?


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