Native American Tales

The Warrior Maiden

The Warrior MaidenThe Warrior Maiden


The Oneida were once plagued by attacks from the Mingoe. It seemed no matter what happened that the Mingoe would not leave them alone. One girl decided to stand up for all of this. She volunteered to be captured by the Mingoe. When the Mingoe were in just the right place, the Oneida would push rocks down on them and kill them.

The girl went alone in the woods. The blackened remains of her village was nearby. The Mingoe said that they would take her in and treat her as one of their own if they would tell her where the rest of her people were. She would not. They began torturing her with fire, which she endured.

Finally, she decided to tell them where her people were. This took the Mingoe to the rocks. When they were in the right spot, she shouted to the Oneida that the enemies were here. Rocks came tumbling down and it seemed as if the whole mountain was angry. The girl was struck down right before the rocks hit the Mingoe.

The story has been told over and over again and it is said that honeysuckle sprang from her body.


Honeysuckle smells wonderful, but it gets on everything. It’s insidious in the way that it can cover absolutely everything in site. It seems like a delicate flower, befitting femininity, but it’s also strong and persistent. That’s about the right comparison to this warrior maiden.


You have to be one brave, and selfless, person to do what this girl did. There aren’t many of us who could be tortured and then still follow a plan like this through to the end. The girl was pretty much the perfect person to pull it off because no one would have expected a young woman to be what brought their demise.

The bravery the girl this showed is amazing, but this is also a story about probably needing to be more suspicious about who you come across.


If you find a girl alone and crying in the woods it’s either a trap or a horror movie.

Weigh In

Could you have done what the girl did?

Do you think honey suckle is an appropriate flower to symbolize her bravery?


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