Native American Tales

Teaching the Mudheads how to Copulate

Teaching the Mudheads how to CopulateTeaching the Mudheads how to Copulate


…Guys…get ready for this one…

The sacred clowns of the Zuni are often called the Mudheads and they’re not very bright at all. A man once tried to teach them how to go up a ladder. One tried to go up backwards. Another tried to go up on his head. Another tried to go up the wrong side. It was a big mess.

The man then tried to teach them how to build a house. One tried to build from the roof down. Another built the inside of the house first. Another built his house out of sand.

Then the man tried to teach them how to sit on a chair. One sat backwards, one sat on his head, and one sat on the back of the chair.

He finally decided that he should teach the Mudheads how to copulate. He found an older fat woman who had not had a man in a long time. She told them that they could practice on her. The man went first, showing them the simplest way, from behind. The Mudheads wanted to try, but it turned out all wrong. One did it in the woman’s knee, another in her elbow, another in her ear, another in her belly button, and one in her butt. Their teacher finally said he gave up on them and the woman just laughed.


This is like a naughty story that people tell after the kids have gone to bed. I imagine that someone has made this into a porno at some point.


This is just a silly story meant to emphasis how stupid the Mudheads are. Most people would think having sex is pretty easy, but I’ve heard stories. The story is definitely comical.


These guys don’t seem like great sexual partners.

Weigh In

Would you try to show the Mudheads how to do anything?

Would being around one of them be really frustrating?


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