Native American Tales

The Fight for a Wife

The Fight for a WifeThe Fight for a Wife


There was once a boy who lived by himself. He lifted up rocks, until he got to big rocks. He decided to go out into the world to find himself a wife, peaceably if possible, otherwise, he was going to fight for her. After several days of paddling, he came to a village at night. He went to the one hut with a light on. The girl there gave him food.

The next day the champion of the village wanted to challenge him. The first challenge was a hunt for beluga. The newcomer came back with the largest catch. The next day the challenge was the race around an island and back. A bow would be used to kill the loser. At first, it looked like the local champion was going to win. Some people were so certain of this that they quit watching and left. The newcomer had a trick though. He boat was made of beluga skin and he commanded it to turn into a beluga and swim under the water. It did so and they came out ahead of the local champion and resumed the normal shape. The newcomer won and shot the local champion before he knew what was happening.

That night, while he was eating dinner, he was challenged again. This time to wrestling. There was a pit filled with shaman worms. The victor would throw the loser into it. Because the young man had lifted many heavy rocks, he was very strong and won in no time. He was declared the new local champion and was able to take on the wives and house of the defeated champion.


This is a little violent in my opinion. The guy didn’t even marry someone he liked, it was a stranger’s wives. What this tells me is that you should not be the champion because some new guy might come around and kill you and take your stuff.

I don’t know what shaman worms means. Worms, themselves, generally don’t eat people. I mean, maggots would, but you would have to be dead first. The next thing I could thing of would be snakes, which wouldn’t actually eat a person, but would bite them. I’m almost certain we’re not talking about anacondas, which could actually eat a person. So either these people have a bit of maggots or a pit of snakes, either one is unsettling.


I guess if you win you win. It took a lot of violence, but this young man won. What he did do was prepare himself beforehand. He knew he was going to have to fight a fight, maybe, and prepared for it. He worked out. If we know that we are likely going to face some obstacle in our life, why not be prepared for it? Like getting life insurance–we’re all going to die, so why not have some? (sponsored by Liberty Mutual)…I’m joking, but, you know, if Liberty Mutual wants to float some money my way, that’s cool too.

Be prepared, like a boy scout.


Just hope this guy doesn’t want your woman.

Weigh In

If you had to actually fight to get a spouse, would you do it?

Would this guy scare you?


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