Native American Tales

Teeth in the Wrong Places

Teeth in the Wrong PlacesTeeth in the Wrong Places


When Coyote was roaming around looking for things to do there was an evil witch and her two daughters. Every man who slept with the daughters never came back. Coyote was warned not to sleep with the girls. He couldn’t imagine how sleeping with two pretty girls could cause anyone harm.

He went to find the old woman, who was nice enough. He thought that everyone must have been mistaken about the woman and her daughters. When night came, Coyote was told to sleep between the two daughters and that they would keep him warm. One of the daughters spoke to him. She told him that she was not really the daughter of the witch, but had been her prisoner. Coyote should not sleep with either of the daughters. The witch had done something awful to them. The witch had put teeth in their vaginas, whenever a man tried to sleep with them, he was grabbed and snapped up by the teeth. Everyone one of the men died, quite a painful death.

The other girl told Coyote that she wanted to sleep with him. Coyote said he had thought of nothing else besides that since he had seen her. The girl was impatient, but Coyote stalled a bit. He picked up a big stick and put it inside of the girl. She said it felt great to have a real man. The stick, of course, was being chewed up by the teach, splinters were flying everywhere. Coyote then put an arrow in the girl, the teeth tried to snap it, but it was too late, the arrow had reached the girl’s heart and she was dead.

Coyote then took the other girl home to marry. She said that Coyote couldn’t make love to her because she had the teeth down there, but Coyote said not to worry because he would knock them out, which he did. He knocked out all of them, except for a blunt tooth that was quite pleasurable during love-making.


This toothed vagina thing is real, well it’s not real, but the fear of it is real. There is actually a symbol that people come across in various native tribes that is a toothed vagina. Some men are scared that a woman might actually have teeth down there. It’s silly because, you know, who has ever heard of anyone actually having teeth in their vagina, but at the same time, it’s a real idea that’s been floating around for a while, hundreds of years, if not thousands.

Symbolically, maybe it means that a man is scared that a woman might take his manliness once he has sex with her. I don’t know why so many people are scared of something that doesn’t actually exist.

On a more modern note, something like this does exist. There is actually an anti-rape device a woman can put in her vagina and it has spikes in it that will clamp down on any unwanted penises. The guy then has to go to the hospital to get it removed. Women shouldn’t have to need something like this and there shouldn’t have been a need for something like this to be developed, but as there is a need for it, I guess it’s good.


This is an adult story. This is a story that was probably told after the kids went to bed, or before, who knows. Again, as I mentioned, there’s this fear that a woman might actually have teeth down there. I think it’s more of a fear of a man that he might lose something of his manliness by being with a woman, after all, what’s more manly than a penis.

This story is kind of funny and it’s kind of cute, but it’s also a story where the man isn’t afraid to give himself to a woman. Lots of men are, maybe not overtly, but lots and lots of men are afraid of the idea of giving themselves to a woman sexually, mentally, emotionally, and whatever other ways you can give yourself to a woman. Maybe they don’t want to be tied down, again, read that as “afraid.” Maybe they’re concerned that they will lose themselves, again, “afraid.” Ultimately, a man has to be sure enough of himself to successfully enter into a good relationship with a woman. Coyote knew who he was. Coyote wasn’t afraid of this woman’s teeth and figured out a way to get around that whole thing.

Coyote also took a minute to think about this whole thing. All the other men were just like, “Sex, sex, sexity, sex, sex, sexity sex, sex, sex,” and that was it. They didn’t take five seconds to think about anything. They all ended up dead because of it, but if they had thought about the prospect of having sex with these women, just a bit, before they did it, they might still be alive. This story definitely gives safe sex a whole new meaning.


Have safe sex.

Weigh In

Do you think the other men got what they deserved or were they just sad victims?

If vagina teeth were a real thing, how would you feel about it?


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