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#661 All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris

All Together Dead by Charlaine HarrisAll Together Dead by Charlaine Harris

Sookie is going to the vampire summit at the behest of the Queen of Louisiana. She’s not entirely thrilled about it, but she wants the money. Her fairy godmother, Claudine shows up, to ask her not to go, but Sookie thinks everything will be ok. She gets all of her stuff ready; she packs her bags; she heads off.

The vampire only hotel is pretty crowded, but there are already some mysteries afoot. Some vampires end up dead. There are whisperings about an attack from the Fellowship of the Sun.

A sinister can of Dr. Pepper escalates things and Sookie knows that there is something terrible afoot. Meanwhile, things with Quinn are a little rocky. There are things about his past that she hasn’t found out yet, not that it changes her opinion of him too much.

Something awful does happen. Sookie realizes what it is before it happens and is able to help save quite a few people, but it’s still a disaster. Sookie goes home after everything is over, glad to be at rest, at least for just a bit.

What I liked

Again, I’m loving all of these books. They’re southern and otherworldly; it’s great.

Hurricane Katrina must have happened when Charlaine was writing these books. She incorporated that event into the series. She deals with the aftermath of Katrina as a plot-point in the series. She thinks about the implications such a devastation would have on the supernatural community. If you’re a vampire and all the graveyards flood, what then?

What I didn’t like

I liked this book pretty well. I don’t have much ill to report.


I don’t know if Sookie is living the dream life, but her life is definitely awesome.

Weigh In

Would you date a vampire, if they were real?

If you could save a whole bunch of people, if it was a bit at your expense, would you do it?


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