Native American Tales

Coyote’s Strawberry

Coyote's StrawberryCoyote’s Strawberry


Coyote saw some good-looking girls picking strawberries and thought he’d like to get in on it. He buried himself in the strawberry patch, all except for the tip of his penis.

One girl noticed the big berry and tried to pluck it, but she couldn’t get it up. She said it had deep roots. All three girls tried to get the berry up. Some pulled at it. Some nibbled at it. One said the berry wept, while another said it had milk in it. They finally decided to get a piece of sharp flint and cut it off. Coyote was out of there in a flash, of course. The girls figured it had to have been coyote, so they decided to pay him back.

They smeared themselves with blood and pretended to be dead on a path coyote often took. Coyote was worried that whatever killed the dead girls would get him too. He decided to see if they were still alive or how freshly dead they were. He got right up to each girl and sniffed, but each time he did so, one of the girls would fart in his face. Coyote said that he thought the girls must have been dead a while because they smelled so bad.

The girls jumped up and said the joke was on coyote this time.




This is another story of Coyote up to his usual antics, but this one is naughty, Coyote can generally be naughty and mischievous, but this story is a little more naughty than some of the other stories about Coyote. No doubt, this was a story adults told each other when they were in a bit of a frisky mood. Seems like a lot of work to bury yourself in a strawberry patch just to get off.


They farted in his face…ha!

Weigh In

If someone played this joke on you, what would you do in retaliation?

Considering the girls didn’t think it was that big of a deal, would this be a big deal to you?


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