Native American Tales

Coyote and the Mallard Ducks

Coyote and the Mallard DucksCoyote and the Mallard Ducks

Nez Perce

Coyote was out and saw five mallard duck girls bathing and he was instantly aroused. He decided on a way to satisfy his urges. He lengthened his penis and somehow managed to tie small rocks to it so that it floated underneath the water. He then started copulating with the oldest girl and the other sisters tried to free her from the thing, but they couldn’t. Coyote told them to cut it off, which they did, and he cut it off at his end. It fell into the water and became a ledge. The girl became sick though and the girls called to Coyote, knowing he was a medicine man to cure their sister. He told them to sit outside the lodge and keep time. Coyote sang, “I will stick it back in,” which is what he did. He recovered the end of his penis and the girl was well and Coyote was praised as a great medicine man.


There are so many things wrong with this story. A) You can’t lengthen your penis. Good Lord, if that was something men could do, we’d be in all kinds of trouble. It would be like Old McDonald had a Farm, but with penises. Here a penis; there a penis; everywhere a penis. There would be so many awful jokes and so many terrible accidents. It’s a good thing this isn’t actually something that can happen.

B) You know, having sex with someone without their permission is called rape. This story is about a girl first being raped and then being coerced into sex a second time. From the context of the story, it’s kind of funny, but if you sit down and think about it, it’s just plain wrong.


This is meant to be a naughty story. If you look at it a little more closely, Coyote gets away with everything, in fact, he even ends up being praised. He raped a girl, but because she stopped having an illness, which he caused, and he “cured” it, he was praised. That’s all kinds of screwed up, but in reality, that’s often not too far from how things actually happen.

XYZ figure rapes somebody and there isn’t a question about it, but because XYZ figure is XYZ figure, people tend to be like, “Oh, but they’re XYZ figure, they can’t go to prison, it would ruin their life or their career or whatever.” Coyote got away with this because of who he was, even though he did a bad thing.

Crime doesn’t pay, except for when you’re certain well-known figures.


This sounds like a weird porno.

Weigh In

Should Coyote have gotten away with this?

Were the sisters just stupid?


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