Native American Tales

Coyote and Wasichu

Coyote and WasichuCoyote and Wasichu

Brule Sioux

There was a Wasichu who said he could outsmart anyone, but someone told him that he could not outsmart Coyote and Coyote said they would see about that. The Wasichu went up to Coyote and told Coyote to try to outsmart him. Coyote said he couldn’t because he didn’t have his cheating medicine with him. He would have to go home and get it, but he didn’t have a horse to ride on, he should borrow the Wasichu’s horse. Then Coyote said he wasn’t very good at riding, so he would also need to borrow the Wasichu’s clothes so the horse would think Coyote was the Wasichu. By the time it was over, the Wasichu stood there naked as Coyote rode off on his horse, wearing his clothes.


This is hilarious.


The best cheats are when you’re cheated and you don’t even realize it, at first. I’m sure the Wasichu realized that Coyote had outsmarted the heck out of him later.


Don’t lend Coyote your horse?

Weigh In

Would you lend Coyote your horse?

Do you think it’s good form to try to outsmart anyone?


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