Native American Tales

The Bluebird and Coyote

The Bluebird and CoyoteThe Bluebird and Coyote


Bluebird once used to be an ugly color, but he went into a lake where no river flowed, four times, singing each time.

There’s a blue water, it lies there,

I went in.

I am all blue.

When Bluebird came out the fourth time, he was blue. Coyote saw him and wanted to be blue as well. So he also went into the lake four times and sang the song. He came out blue and thought himself just wonderful looking. He looked to see if his shadow was blue too, but he wasn’t paying attention and ran into a stump. He fell down so hard that he was changed into the color of dirt and has been that color ever since.


A blue coyote would be a very interesting thing. For the most part, larger mammals are not bright colors. They’re various variations of brown, grey, white, and black, something like a Tiger being an exception, with the orange and all. If I saw a blue coyote, I would wonder who had spray-painted a coyote.


It’s ok to have some pride in yourself, but you do have to pay attention to your surroundings. You can spend all day looking at yourself in the mirror, but just make sure you don’t walk into an open man-hole or anything. You won’t be looking so hot then.


Is this how the Blue Man Group came about?

Weigh In

If you could turn your skin a bright color, would you?

Was Coyote too self-absorbed, as a rule, or was he just caught in a prideful moment?


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