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#663 Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris

Dead and Gone by Charlaine HarrisDead and Gone by Charlaine Harris

Sookie has discovered that she’s part fairy. Her great-grandfather Niall has met her acquaintance. It’s nice to have family, but something awful has happened. Sookie’s sister-in-law is brutally murdered. Sookie is tasked with trying to find out who would do such an awful thing. Meanwhile, a fairy war is about to happen. Sookie gets caught up in the middle of the whole thing. Luckily, she has her grandmother’s favorite garden trowel.

Sookie almost loses her life, yet another time, because of some zealots from the Fellowship of the Sun.

She determines that she has to call in some favors from both the vampire and werewolf communities, but both of her favors are thwarted pretty rapidly. Sookie is taken captive by some not-so-nice people.

What I liked

Yet another great book set in the South about the paranormal. Who did what and why? I never saw one of the whodunits coming, so kudos to Charlaine for that. Charlaine can be quite good at keeping people guessing. I have to say, I feel like I’m on Team Eric. I like the idea of Eric more than Bill.

Charlaine has challenged the perception that fairies are nice and good in her series. If you look at other folklore, fairies are not always nice and good, but to the average Disney viewer of fairies, fairies are considered good. It’s not so. I like how Charlaine included that bit in her books. I don’t know about the whole lemon juice and iron thing as far as fairies are concerned, but I’ve heard the mention of iron in relation to a heck of a lot of paranormal stuff. Does it really work? Who in the heck knows? But, if you encounter some sort of paranormal being, you could try whipping out your cast-iron frying pan to see what would happen. Maybe your frying pan would vanquish your enemy, or perhaps not.

What I didn’t like

I’m still kind of envious of Sookie for having all this man attention. Oh well.

It seems to me that Sookie is always having someone taken away from her. I feel bad for her. You can have a lot of things taken away in your life and still stand up straight, but when people start getting taken away from you, things get difficult. Sookie is strong, but sometimes, I don’t see how she goes on.


Pesky fairies.

Weigh In

What would you do if you found out that you were part paranormal being?

Looking at the fact that many people hate paranormal beings in the series because they don’t understand, do you think humanity could ever accept a hypothetical paranormal or extraterrestrial race into its ranks?


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