Native American Tales

Iktome and the Ignorant Girl

Iktome and the Ignorant GirlIktome and the Ignorant Girl

Brule Sioux

Iktome wanted to sleep with a pretty girl who was a virgin. He dressed up as an old woman and decided to cross the river the same time the girl was. Each lifted up their skirt, and the girl remarked how hairy Iktome’s legs were. Iktome told her that this happened to some old women. They lifted up their skirts some more and the girl remarked on how hairy Iktome’s backside was. Again, Iktome told her that this happened to some older women. The girl also remarked on the thing dangling between Iktome’s legs in the front.

Iktome told her that it was a growth, like a wart, that some evil sorcerer had put upon him. The girl asked Iktome how to be rid of it and Iktome told her the only way to get rid of it was to put it between her legs. The girl agreed.

They went on the bank, where it was grassy, and went at it. Afterwards, the girl noticed it had worked a little, but not more long. Iktome said they would have to do it again, so they did, but it was still there. They decided it couldn’t hurt to do it another time and it wasn’t that unpleasant after all.


I can almost guarantee you that this girl, if she had been a real Sioux girl, would have known what a penis looked like. In fact, most women, of any age, have known what penises look like, up until some of our current times when we became more prudish with some things. They lived in close quarters; they saw penises.


Sex education rocks. If by some unfortunate circumstance this girl hadn’t ever seen a penis, she would have known what one was if her parents had a talk with her. The birds and the bees, you know.

Honey, sweetheart, men have penises and they want to stick them in you sometimes, don’t let anyone trick you into it. You should only do it if you want to and you know what in the heck you’re doing.

Believe it or not, I have actually heard of women having sex and not knowing what they were doing. It’s just terrible that any woman above the age of eleven doesn’t know what sex is.


Sex ed, people, sex ed.

Weigh In

In your most ignorant days, do you imagine that you could have had sex and not known that you were having sex?

Even though this is a light-hearted story, who is to blame for this situation?


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