Native American Tales




Coyote was going to marry the daughter of Always-Living-at-the-Coast and was on a journey there. Each time he stopped and told people what he was going to do, they would tell him to be careful. No one told him why until he cured an old woman’s blindness in the woods in return for some food. The daughter had teeth in her vagina and they would eat coyote up. She told Coyote he had to knock the teeth out with a chisel.

Coyote finally got to Always-Living-at-the-Coast’s house. The wedding took place, as planned, but Coyote was prepared. He had a chisel and he knocked all the teeth out of the girl’s vagina and after that had a nice evening with his new wife. Always-Living-at-the-Coast heard laughter from his daughter instead of a man meeting his end and was upset. How dare Coyote come in his house and sleep with his daughter.

Along the way to the wedding, Coyote was given several animal masks, which came in handy, because Always-Living-at-the-Coast made challenges to Coyote. First, Coyote was asked to jump through the door into the center of the house, and unbeknownst to him, a snare trap, but Coyote knew something was up. He wore his deer mask and jumped through. The deer died, but Coyote was fine. This night he also had a good time with his new wife.

The next day the man tried to trap Coyote again, but Coyote wore a mountain goat mask and the results were the same as before.

The next day the man made another trap. This time Coyote had a bear mask and just went into the room and smashed the trap.

The man asked Coyote to go out with him on errands. They were going to chop down a tree and the man asked Coyote to retrieve something out of the split, but really he was trying to trap Coyote, but Coyote was prepared. He made it look as if he were dead, but then changed into a wren and flew out of the crack. The two men were then in the boat together. Coyote carved a killer whale out of wood and threw it into the water. Whales came up and snatched Always-Living-on-the-Coast away. Coyote went home to his wife who later had a son, which Coyote eventually took away.


Again, we have this fear of a toothed vagina. As I mentioned before, the concept is something that is really in folklore from around the world. People have actually told stories about scary toothed vaginas.


What was this guy’s problem? He invites people to marry his daughter, but then gets upset if someone actually consummates the marriage. I want to say that he probably had any father’s worry. Parents want their kids to move on with life and become adults, but they don’t necessarily want to know that their kids are having sex. For many parents, this probably isn’t a reality until said kid has a kid, then the truth of the whole thing hits home. Your child is not an innocent little child anymore. This is no reason to kill your child’s mate though.

Maybe this guy got a kick out of all these guys dying?

Whether he was evil or upset because his daughter was actually having sex, this guy still shouldn’t have been trying to kill Coyote.


Don’t try to kill your son/daughter-in-laws.

Weigh In

If you were in Coyote’s place, what would you have done?

Do you think this guy was just evil or was he upset that his daughter was having sex?


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