Native American Tales

Coyote’s Rabbit Chase

Coyote's Rabbit ChaseCoyote’s Rabbit Chase


Coyote suggested a contest for rabbits to Badger. Whoever got the most rabbits, would get to sleep with the other’s wife. Badger did not want to say yes, but was afraid to resist Coyote so he agreed.

Coyote went out and followed after a single jack rabbit. He figured that Badger would not catch any rabbits and he would be able to sleep with Badger Woman. Badger was smart though. He went to a rabbit warren and dug down into it with his claws. He could easily catch the sleepy rabbits and ended up with quite the haul of rabbits.

Coyote came back with the single jack rabbit and was surprised to find that Badger had so many. As a result, Coyote had to stay outside of his own house that night while Badger slept with his wife. Coyote’s wife would cry out in pain because of the way Badger’s penis was shaped, but finally it was over. Coyote’s wife said, “Old man, you think you’re so smart. You lose contests and I have to pay the price.”


This is a version of another story that has come up, but that one involved Coyote and someone else.


If something is that precious to you, or should be, why are you risking it? If you wife is precious to you, why are you even putting her on the line in some silly contest? There is always the chance that you could lose, no matter how the past has been. That’s how gambling works; you always have the chance of losing. If you’re going to gamble, leave the precious things of your life out of it.


How about just not make the bet? Seems fair to me.

Weigh In

Do you think Coyote has not lost in the past and is going off of experience or is he deluding himself?

When precious things are bet, is that when a gambling problem starts?


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