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#666 Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris

Dead in the Family by Charlaine HarrisDead in the Family by Charlaine Harris

Sookie once again has a whole slew of problems on her hands. Her cousin Claude,the fairy, the real fairy, wants to come and stay with her because he said he needs to be around someone with fairy blood. Sookie thinks it’s a bit weird but feels bad for him. Then Alcide wants to use Sookie’s land to let the weres in the areas change for the full moon. He suspects government spies on his property where everyone normally goes.

Sookie meets a few new faces for the were gathering, but one comes back to tell her that they smelled two fairies and two bodies, one of them fresh. Sookie knows good and well that one of the bodies is Debbie Pelt, but the other is a mystery.

Before she gets a chance to tell Eric, her vampire boyfriend, about this his maker and his brother shows up. The brother just happens to be someone who was quite famous back in the day. Sookie doesn’t see Eric for a while and is still worried about who the body is. They soon find out who the body is and get it moved. Meanwhile, someone has tipped off the police about a body being on Sookie’s land, which of course turns up nothing.

Ultimately, Eric’s family causes quite a bit of trouble for Eric and for Sookie, but Sookie also has other people out to get her.

What I liked

Of course I continue to like the idea of a Southern paranormal novel, but I also like that this book is all about family. It’s about Eric’s family and it’s about Sookie’s family. Family can give great comfort, but family can also cause a lot of problems.

What I didn’t like

I don’t really have any complaints about this book.


Sookie definitely has an interesting life, glad she’s found some family though.

Weigh In

How would you feel if someone was trying to frame you for a crime?

Do you think Sookie’s life is interesting or full of too much drama?


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