Native American Tales

Doing a Trick with Eyeballs

Doing a Trick with EyeballsDoing a Trick with Eyeballs

Northern Cheyenne

Veeho was like a tourist in the way that he didn’t really know how to behave around others. He saw a medicine man who could tell his eyeballs to go out of his head and sit on a tree branch and then call his eyeballs back again. Veeho thought this was a great trick and asked the medicine man to part with just a little of his magic. Veeho was thinking about impressing young women and everyone in general.

The medicine man taught Veeho how to perform this trick, but told him he could only do it four times a day, otherwise, his eyeballs wouldn’t come back. Veeho went on his way and performed his trick for other people, the four allotted times and did actually tell people he was done for the day. He decided to show off just one more time though, saying the first time was practice and not for real.

Veeho sent his eyeballs off to a tree branch, but they didn’t come back. Veeho was blind now.

He asked a mouse for one of his eyes. The mouse told Veeho his eye would be too small, but Veeho was so pitiful that the mouse gave in. Veeho then had one eye, but he could hardly see anything since it was a mouse’s eye. He then came across a buffalo and asked for one of his eyes. The buffalo told Veeho that his eye would be way too big for Veeho, but Veeho was so pitiful that the buffalo agreed to give Veeho one of his eyes.

Veeho now had two mismatched eyes. He could see, but not well. He went home to his wife and relayed the entire story to her. She told him that he should quit trying to show off.


Just so you know, getting eyes from other species put in your head doesn’t work out too well, but I don’t think it’s entirely impossible. It would be a surgical procedure though. You can give your eyes to other people, of course, that means you don’t have eyes anymore, again, this is a surgical thing. You can’t pop your eyes out of your head like a Mr. Potato Head and give them to someone else.


This is a classic case of someone getting burned by, “Hey, watch this…” It usually doesn’t end well. If you’re doing something just to show off, it’s probably not going to end well, just for your information. It’s kind of the way the universe works.


…although, if Veeho had his own YouTube channel, he might be an internet celebrity.

Weigh In

Would you give an eyeball to Veeho?

Did Veeho deserve what he got?


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