Native American Tales

Iktome has a Bad Dream

Iktome has a Bad DreamIktome has a Bad Dream

Brule Sioux

Coyote and Iktome were together one day and Iktome was telling Coyote about a bad dream.

Iktome: I dreamt of a very pretty girl.

Coyote: This is not a bad dream.

Iktome: I dreamt that my penis grew long and went over to her.

Coyote: My friend, this is not a bad dream.

Iktome: I dreamt that it went inside of her and she seemed to enjoy it.

Coyote: My friend, I am telling you that this is most certainly not a bad dream.

Iktome: But then I heard a carriage coming and it was going to go right between me and the girl.

Coyote: You’re right friend this is a bad dream.


Again, it’s a good thing that men can’t actually lengthen their penises. No doubt we would end up with pretty similar situations as this story.


Men are so attached to their penises, literally. If this story had been about any other body part, would the characters have reacted so severely? Sure, your leg getting run over by a carriage would be awful, but would it have garnered the same reaction as a penis getting run over? This one body part seems to be concerned about over more than any other body part. I don’t think the story would have had the same reaction had it been about a leg getting run over. Men, in my experience, tend to think their penises are the greatest thing in the world and they act like it’s their proudest achievement. Unless you actually did like some special exercises to get it to be where it’s at, which I don’t think exist, you didn’t really have a part in how it turned out. It was all genetics and development. Why be so proud of it? Women don’t go around incessantly talking about how awesome their genitalia is?

This story is definitely a guy story. It’s a story guys tell each other and then cringe about it. They may laugh about it, because guys tend to think other guys getting injured in the groin area is funny, but then they’ll cringe about it, but that doesn’t stop them from laughing about it in the first place. The reaction to this story is pretty much going to be, “Hahaha, ouch, Bro.”


Shame on Iktome for trying to have sex with a girl unbeknownst to her.

Weigh In

What’s your opinion–would Coyote have reacted the same way had this story been about a different body part?

If you turned this story about to be about women, do you think the women would have had the same reaction?


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