Native American Tales

Coyote and the Two Frog Women

Coyote and the Two Frog WomenCoyote and the Two Frog Women


Nobody would marry Coyote. He decided that he would go to the coast to look for dried salmon to buy. Not far into his journey, he came upon two frog women. They asked him what he was doing and he said he was going to find some Salmon to buy. They asked if he was going to give them any and he said he was.

Instead, Coyote thought of tricks to play on them. He found a bees’ nest and put it in his basket. He went back to the two women and told them that he had gotten some salmon, not much, and that they should put their heads in the basket. They did and were stung to death. Coyote laughed and cut off their vulvas.

Whenever he felt the urge, he would put one of the vulvas on the ground and have alone time with it. The two women eventually came back to life and noticed their vulvas were missing and blamed it on Coyote. This is why people say that frogs do not have any female parts.


What?! What-y? What? What? What?!

Man, this story has gone straight into serial killer mode.


Don’t be near Coyote. Don’t talk to Coyote. Don’t leave your crotch near Coyote. If you see Coyote, run. Don’t stop. Keep running. Run. Don’t look back until you’re in the next state over.


Just stay away from Coyote.

Weigh In

Is Coyote insane?

Who would have made this story up? And why?


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