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#667 Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris

Dead Reckoning by Charlaine HarrisDead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris

Sookie is yet again in more trouble. Someone is after her. That someone has thrown a Molotov cocktail through the window where she works. There’s also something else amiss, something is weird with Eric and her roommates have gotten pretty darn annoying. There is actually a way to break the bond with Eric and Sookie finds out. Meanwhile, plans to kill Victor must come to fruition. It’s time to be done with all of that mess.

Trouble follows Sookie while she makes plans for a baby shower. You know, kill Victor one day and then have a baby shower the next.

The world of faery has also given Sookie some weird goings on. With two fairies living with her, she feels more fairy than ever. It’s up to Claude and Dermont to explain, which they finally do.

Sookie is attacked at her home one night and runs to Bill for help. Dermont, her fairy great-uncle, wants revenge for the situation.

During all of this, the trouble with Eric weighs on Sookie’s mind. She loves Eric, but is there anyway they can overcome the obstacle that comes into place?

What I liked

Again, I love all this intrigue. I have to wonder how Sookie’s life does turn out. Like any of our lives, we never truly stop getting into things. Things always happen, even when we’re not expecting them to. I doubt Sookie would ever just sit down quietly and do nothing.

What I didn’t like

Sookie finds answers, but she always finds more questions to go along with those answers. I’m eleven books in and I’m wondering when Sookie gets to take a breather. As I just explained, none of us ever stop experiencing life until we’re finally dead, whether that be a first death, or the true death as Sookie’s vampires are familiar with, and maybe not even then. Maybe we die and then we have more crap to do. Who knows? I think my point is that life happens and sometimes you just don’t get a rest, but I think it’s kind of time for Sookie to have a rest.


What will she get into next time?

Weigh In

Would you date a vampire?

Do you imagine that Sookie will ever get to slow down?


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