Native American Tales

The Neglectful Mother

The Neglectful MotherThe Neglectful Mother


A crow had a nest and decided she was tired of sitting on he eggs and so she left. A hawk came along and saw the abandoned nest and decided to take it for her own. She sat on the eggs and hatched them. When they hatched, she took care of the baby crows. She fed them and taught them how to fly.

The mother crow came back and saw the babies and wanted them back, but the hawk said they were her babies now. She had taken care of them and fed them. The crow decided to take the hawk to court. They went to court and the judge heard both their sides. The judge even asked the babies who they thought was their mother. They all told the judge the hawk was their mother. The judge made his final decision that the babies were the hawk’s. The crow wept, but the judge told her it was her own fault.


Some birds do adopt chicks from other birds, but I haven’t heard of a hawk adopting chicks from another bird, but maybe it happens.


This is a biology versus nurture question. You certainly don’t have to birth a child to care for it as your own. It’s called adoption and all sorts of people and animals have done it for a very long time. I do think if you have a child and don’t take care of it, then it’s more than ok for another person to care for your child. You obviously aren’t doing it, so why not let someone else do it?

I knew this girl who kept getting her kids taken away and acted as if it were this big travesty. It wasn’t; she wasn’t taking care of them and they deserved better. It’s the same with this story. The crow wasn’t taking care of her babies, so why in the world would the judge ever say that she deserved to take care of the babies?


If you have kids, take care of them. If you don’t want to take care of them, find someone who does.

Weigh In

Do you think the crow should have gotten her kids back?

Is biological parentage important at all when it comes to care?


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