Native American Tales

The Land of the Dead

The Land of the DeadThe Land of the Dead


A husband and his wife loved each other, quite a lot, but the husband’s mother did not like the wife. The mother put a sharp object in the wife’s chair and it pricked her and she died. The mother then burned the girl’s body before the husband got home. The husband was not happy about this and waited outside of the pile of ash until he saw the form of his wife.

His wife told him that she had to go to the land of the dead, but that she would carry him on her back so they could pass through. The wife carried the husband through all the perils of the land of the dead until they came to her family, who had died before her. They allowed him to stay after the girl pleaded with them.

He could not eat the food of the dead. He also could not see them during the day. He could only see them at night, which was quite strange. He would help them hunt and do things in as helpful of a manner as he could, but his food had to be prepared special and it seemed as if he wasn’t happy.

The family said that the wife could go back with the husband to the land of the living, but they must not be with each other for three days. The couple got back, and waited three days before they were together. On the fourth day they were together, but when the man awoke, he was alone. Three days in ghost days was actually three living human years.


This is one of those classic sad love story type of deals. One person dies, but they cannot go where the other goes, but if they can, it never turns out well. Sometimes the simple matter of life and death can certainly disrupt relationships.


You know, it would have been nice to know that three ghost days was three human years. Really, someone could have mentioned that. It seemed kind of important. If it were not for this little slight, the man and the woman could have been together. How sad.

It’s important to know the facts about a situation. It’s important to know the rules.

I think this couple was very like any of the rest of us. Sometimes we go into something without examining all the rules first and we end up getting burned by not knowing all the things we should have. Sometimes everything turns out ok, even if we didn’t know all the rules, but sometimes it does not.


Learn the rules of the game.

Weigh In

Do you think you would be mad if this technicality lost you the companionship of your loved one?

Do you sometimes think you’ll always be caught by a technicality?


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