Native American Tales

The Double-faced Ghost

The Double-faced GhostThe Double-faced Ghost


There was once a very tall ghost that had a face on each side of its head. He wanted to get married, but had no one to get married to. He saw a family in a tipi and found the daughter quite attractive. He fell in love with her and wanted to marry her. He would leave fresh meat outside of the tipi every day.

The family was delighted, but the father wondered who was leaving the meat. One day he hid outside and saw the tall ghost bring the meat. He told his family that they had to leave right away because a ghost was bringing the meat. The family packed up and left, but because the ghost was so tall he caught up with them quickly. He told the family that he was only trying to be helpful and that he wanted to marry the daughter. No one wanted the daughter to marry the ghost.

The father said it was a tradition for a potential husband to win at a game of hidden-plumpit. If the ghost won, he could marry the daughter; if the ghost lost, he would not marry the daughter, but would continue to bring meat to the family, perhaps only every other day though. Little did the ghost know that the father was the best hidden-plumpit player there was. The ghost lost. He continued to bring meat to the family, but did not marry the daughter.


This story is kind of sad.


Sometimes people don’t belong together, even one or both of them think it would work. The only person wanting this relationship was the ghost and that doesn’t make for a good relationship. Two people have to want a relationship. If the relationship had happened, it would have almost certainly been doomed due to insurmountable differences between the ghost and the girl.

Most of us would like to say that you could have a relationship with anybody you wanted to. If two people try hard enough, they can make a relationship work, but both people have to be trying really, really, really hard. It’s better if two people have more in common. “In common,” can be any manner of things, but if there is a common framework, it’s easier for two people to build on a relationship. I don’t think the girl and the ghost had anything in common. It’s kind of sad that the ghost ended up alone, but it would be more sad if two people ended up sad because of an unfortunate relationship.


Poor ghost.

Weigh In

Could you conceive marrying someone so different from you that everyday was a struggle?

If you did marry that person that was so different from you, do you think you would enjoy your relationship?


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