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#679 They Called her Mrs. Doc by Janette Oke

They Called her Mrs. Doc by Janette OkeThey Called her Mrs. Doc by Janette Oke

Cassie comes from a well-to-do Canadian family living in Montreal. Her father is a doctor, who is constantly having young and upcoming doctors over to the house. Cassie is seventeen and is becoming marriage minded. It’s not easy speaking to the young men, but Cassie does on occasion. Her mother begins to teach her how to cook and how to sew so she will know how to be a wife.

One of the doctors returns multiple times, but it’s not the doctor Cassie expects. This one is rather plain, but not ugly, and has a rather ordinary name, Sam Smith. After Cassie turns eighteen, her father says she can make her own choices about having gentleman callers. When Sam turns up in the parlor, Cassie is a bit surprised, but goes along. She finds that Sam is easy to talk to and she enjoys his company. The two spend more and more time together and ultimately, decide to get married.

Sam goes away on his residency, but writes to Cassie and lets her know his plans. He wants to go back out west, where he grew up. His mother died there because there was no doctor and he vowed to return home and be the doctor his town needed. The news is a bit devastating to Cassie, but she made up her mind to follow Sam wherever he went. They get married in a small ceremony and then head west. The journey was not at all what Cassie expected.

They soon make it to their new home and life starts. It’s difficult for Cassie, but she soon makes a friend of the pharmacist’s wife and is taught that anyone can have a personal relationship with God. This is news to Cassie and it makes her life much easier. Soon Cassie begins having babies, one after the other, until there are five. These years are full of energy and responsibility for Cassie, but that’s not all the responsibilities Cassie has. She learns to do a little doctoring here and there. She even helps Sam out at the clinic when he breaks his arm. She helps Sam out so much that someone dubs her Mrs. Doc.

Time passes on. The children grow up. Cassie continues to doctor neighborhood children and animals. Ultimately, Cassie and Sam grow old, but their love is still as good as ever. Cassie reaches the stage of life where her children want to care for her instead of her caring for them, but Cassie knows all things have their time.

What I liked

I’ve read this book several times and I’ve always enjoyed it. I’ve always found it sweet. Cassie and Sam do not have this glamorous relationship. They’re not Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, or Kanye and Kim; they’re this simple couple, very smart couple, but simple. They don’t have fervent, rapturous infatuation in their relationship. They love one another, a lot, and are each other’s best friends. Those are the kinds of relationships I admire. My grandparents have been married sixty-four years and that’s the kind of relationship they have. They’re not making grand romantic gestures to one another. They have lived life together, both the good and the bad, and they’re friends. Their relationship is deep-seated in each other.

I think we should all strive to have relationships like Cassie’s and Sam’s, or like my grandparents’. There is a lot to be said for someone who treats you like a partner and a person. Sam never looked down on Cassie; he knew she was smart; he knew she was determined. He made her feel respected and loved, and that, matters more than being super handsome/beautiful/hot/thin, or having lots of money, or buying a dozen roses every week; just insert whatever high relationship standard you want in there. Being a good person is important in a relationship. Being a good person in a relationship with another good person is where the apex of a relationship is.

What I didn’t like

There isn’t really anything I didn’t like. The book is a big sad in parts, but overall, it’s a great read.


So sweet.

Weigh In

Would you leave your family and travel to a far-away land for a relationship?

If your spouse asked you to leave your family and live in the wilderness, would you?


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