Native American Tales

The Flood

The FloodThe Flood


Once there was a woman on the shore, but the children laughed at her. They lifted up her shirt and found that she had a plant called Chinese slippers growing out of her backbone. The children all laughed and laughed. They made fun of her. The woman sat down at the water’s edge. The water rose a little. She moved back, and sat down again. The water rose some more. She kept moving and sitting down, each time she did, the water rose a little more. Soon the water got to the village.

The children lashed logs together to make rafts and got on top of them. Soon all the other people got on top of rafts too. The only thing left sticking up were mountain tops. This is where the people got off and this is how they dispersed.


This is a flood story. The world is full of flood stories, which is quite interesting. Either we all have some sort of made-up stories wired into our brains, or this whole flood things actually happened at some point.

I did look up the plant mentioned, Chinese Slippers; it’s a type of orchid.


Look here, making fun of people is not nice and just look at what happened. It’s like Carrie all over again, but without the pyrokinesis and pig’s blood. Don’t be a jerk to other people and don’t make fun of them for something they can’t help. Heck, even if they can help it, like they were socks with Birkenstock sandals, leave them the heck alone. You never know when someone you’re making fun of could turn around and seek revenge on you. You don’t know if that person has special powers; you don’t know if that person has an arsenal of guns; you don’t know if they’re skilled with poisoning people, if they’re a serial killer, if they have a basement they lock people in, if they’re suicidal, if they’re a member of a terrorist group, if they’ll stalk you…and so on. You just don’t know. The better, and kinder, thing to do is not to make fun of them. Capisce?


I wonder what happened to the woman after things flooded.

Weigh In

If this happened, would you have given your kids a talking to?

Did these people deserve this, or was it an overreaction?


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