Native American Tales

The Ghost Dance at Wounded Knee

The Ghost Dance at Wounded KneeThe Ghost Dance at Wounded Knee

Brule Sioux

An old man remembers what his uncle told him about the Ghost Dance at Wounded Knee. All the people had been rounded up and placed on reservations. Times were tough. Relatives were dead. A wise man from one tribe visited another tribe. There was a dance; it was new. It would help give strength to the people, give them hope, maybe even bring back some dead relatives.

The people began to dance this dance, but the soldiers thought it was a war dance. They fired on the dancing people, not simply with guns, but with canons. Two-hundred and fifty people were killed, many of them women and children, all because of a dance. They’re buried in a mass grave there still. The old man’s mother let him see. So he would remember what had happened to all of those people. The man remembered a baby wearing a cap with an embroidered American flag on it, at its mother’s breast, both dead.


This really happened and it’s as a despicable mass murder as any other.


This is so sad. These people were killed while performing a dance of hope. This is like being killed because you were praying. This is a sad chapter of American History, one that should have never happened. Ignorance is a heck of a lot more dangerous than almost anything else.


So sad.

Weigh In

Is there ever a situation in which something like this is warranted?


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