Native American Tales

The Buffalo Go

The Buffalo GoThe Buffalo Go


Everything the Kiowa used was from the buffalo. The buffalo were also a part of their religion. Parts of the buffalo would be used in prayers. In return, the buffalo would try to protect the Kiowa. They would tear up railroads. They would run off cattle. The buffalo even confronted the Calvary.

But, even so, the white man could not be stopped. Hunters were hired to do nothing but kill the buffalo. They would pile the bones high beside the railroad tracks and ship everything back east. The buffalo knew their days were over. They held a meeting and it was decided.

The buffalo were seen at Mount Scott one morning. They walked up to the mountain and the front of it opened. Inside was a beautiful country, where the water still ran clear. The buffalo walked in and never came out.


The buffalo were basically hunted out of existence. There are still bison around, but they don’t roam around in the wild that much.


As mentioned previously, the buffalo were very close to becoming extinct altogether from hunting. This is a story of where they went. The buffalo didn’t actually go into a mountain with a wonderful world inside, but it’s nice to think that maybe they did.


Ever hear about something called moderation? Might want to think about it the next time you’re hunting a bunch of buffalo.

Weigh In

Where do you think the buffalo went?

If something, or someone, has a horrible ending story, is it better to makeup an alternative story?


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