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#686 Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris

Deadlocked by Charlaine HarrisDeadlocked by Charlaine Harris

Things in Sookie’s world are strange as usual. Her boyfriend has been betrothed to the vampire queen of Oklahoma, without his say. There is suspicion all around because of Victor’s death. Claude, Sookie’s fairy cousin, is whisked away by her grandfather Niall. Jannalynn also still has it out for Sookie.

Since Sookie has given Sam a loan to keep Merlotte’s afloat, he considers her part owner of the bar. With this, Sookie has gained more responsibility. She orders things and tries to find ways to make the bar better.

Sookie goes to a strange party at Eric’s house. There’s a strange woman there giving blood to Eric, but how did she get in? Where did she come from? Why did Eric’s day man tell her to come an hour later. When the woman ends up dead out on the front lawn, a police investigation starts. Who killed this girl, nevermind that she was a stripper, who killed her?

After the party a couple of people go missing. Bill starts an investigation to determine where they’ve gone to. Sookie helps him out in one of the plots to recover one of the missing persons. During all of this, it’s known that Sookie has powerful faye magic known as the Claviel Dor. People are looking for it and it puts Sookie’s life in added danger. She feels she should use it, but should she really use it? Couldn’t Eric figure out his own problems, because he loves her?

What I liked

Again, I love the fact that this series is a southern paranormal series. The South is an interesting place in and of itself, but add paranormal/supernatural stuff into it and it just gets better. This seems to be the book where Sookie learns some hard truths about herself. Is her fairy tale romance really that? Is Eric really the person she wants to be with?

What I didn’t like

This book makes me think that Team Eric is dead and gone. I like Eric. I think Eric is great, but maybe Sookie doesn’t end up with Eric and that makes me kind of sad, but we’ll see.


Someday, this girl is going to stop getting into trouble.

Weigh In

Which man would you choose?

If you had powerful magic, would you use it, or would you always have a fear that you used it for something that wasn’t that important?


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