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Native American Mythology-Let’s Have Some Fun

Native American Mythology-Let's Have Some FunNative American Mythology-Let’s Have Some Fun

I apologize, I love Spongebob and I like to use examples from Spongebob whenever I can, so I apologize for the picture, but it still gets my point across.

What’s my point? Well, my point is that while reading the Native American myths and legends, I found out that a lot of these stories were about having fun and about laughing, and also sex, usually the sex stories were about getting a good laugh as well.

There were so many of the stories that were humorous. There was a story about a young man who was antagonized by a boulder because he thought that he deserved a vision from the world. Iktome tried to stick to someone other than his wife, but his wife got the better of him. Coyote was constantly joking around with everything and everyone, causing trouble. Penises grew in ways that penises cannot grow and it was funny. There were fart jokes. You would think that in something as sophisticated as mythology that there wouldn’t be a bunch of fart jokes lying around, but there are.

The Native Americans aren’t the only ones with fart jokes. You can look up all kinds of Japanese woodblock prints that are older that are all about people with powerful farts.

The idea that the Sioux, and Cheyenne, and all the other tribes had these jokes that were passed down for years and years and years just shows us, in the here and now, that they were people just like us. Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Satan, that’s who. Everyone loves to laugh, even God I bet. We, as humans, like LMAO, LOL, and ROTFL. Why wouldn’t people from two-hundred, three-hundred, four-hundred, and more, years ago also like to laugh? Laughing is great.

Not everything is serious. Most of us, reading this, are probably of the European and Christian descent(yes, I know that there are some of you who aren’t), but most of you are. When we think about the stories that preceded us, we don’t think about laughter. We think about seriousness. Those pilgrims left Europe because they were getting persecuted for being a different kind of Christian than everyone else. They came to America; it was cold; there wasn’t a lot of food; a lot of them died; there was lots of dysentery. Where is the joke in that? There isn’t a joke in that. If you look back at our religious background, it’s all about God smiting people because they were evil and probably liked gay sex, like Sodom. Where’s the fun in that? Really, where is the humor in our background stories? Everything is so serious. Fun isn’t a legacy we were given as whitish, Christian-ish people.

This is such a contrast to what I’ve been studying about Native American Mythology. They have background stories that are fun. They’re downright hilarious in some instances. The seriousness is still there, of course, but fun is also there and I like it.


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