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#699 Stop Tweeting Boring Sh*t: The New Rules of Work by Division of Labor

 Stop Tweeting Boring Sh*t: The New Rules of Work by Division of Labor Stop Tweeting Boring Sh*t: The New Rules of Work by Division of Labor

Oh goodness, just look at the title of this book. Obviously, this isn’t necessarily a serious book. It’s about work, part of which is serious. This whole book is meant to be funny, including motivational sayings with nice backgrounds, but it’s also got some truth to it.

In this book, Division of Labor, which is not a government agency, but is two guys who write about boring tweets, apparently. They encourage everyone to never hit “reply all” when sending an email at work. They encourage everyone to be careful about office affairs. They encourage everyone to be careful about what they tweet and who they friend on social media, because you just never know what will get you fired. They also encourage you not to steal school supplies for your kids.

What I liked

This book isn’t that funny. I mean, it’s ok– so still good if you want something a little humorous to read. This book is marketed as something silly; it has silly pictures, the whole works, but some of the advice that Division of Labor gives is good advice. You really should watch what you put on social media. You really never know who will fire you for what. It could be a big deal, like you posting naked pictures of yourself doing stupid things, but it could also be something more benign, like having a political opinion. A lot of people will find almost any way to get rid of you at work, especially, if you can replace them.

I also agree about tweeting boring things. Nobody wants to read about your #eatingmacandcheese as an #adult, even though it’s #delicious.

I thought the pictures, quotes, whatever they are, were a nice touch, but, honestly, cliche.

What I didn’t like

I read this book to read something. I don’t think I learned a whole lot from it because most of this is already common knowledge. Don’t friend the HR person and then do a bunch of stupid stuff and post about it on Facebook. Capisce?


You know, since all of this book is mostly things people already know, it could be considered that Division of Labor is writing about boring sh*t, and therefore, violating their own advice.

Weigh In

What do people do at your workplace that you think they should not do that is common sense?

Sarcastic motivational posters–awesome or cliché?


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