Lovecraft, Lovecraft-H.P.

The Statement of Randolph Carter

The Statement of Randolph CarterThe Statement of Randolph Carter

Randolph Carter had said all there was to say and there just wasn’t anymore. He didn’t really know what happened to Harley Warren. Sure, he and Harley had a working acquaintance of sorts. Harley’s curiosity ran on the morbid side and Randolph had been a bit curious about that, in the way that you can’t look away from a train wreck.

Harley was primarily interested in dead things. He wondered why some bodies stayed seemingly fresh for long periods of time, while other rotted away. Warren had found an ancient cemetery that he wanted to explore and Randolph went on for the adventure. The place was overgrown, a real city of the dead. They traveled along until they came to a slab and Warren lifted it up. He left Randolph with instructions to stay above ground. There was a crude communication device the two were to use between them.

Randolph went down below, into the crypt. After a while, he exclaimed about what he saw. It was more fantastic and horrifying than he had thought. He immediately told Randolph to leave, right away. It was dangerous. Under no circumstances should Randolph come down into the crypt. Randolph tried to communicate with Warren, but Warren spoke no more. A strange voice did come over the communication device, but it was a strange gelatinous voice, “Warren is dead, you fool.”


I feel as if this story took place in Florida. I don’t know if that’s actually the case, but that’s the impression I kept getting.

This story feels like a swamp creature sort of story. It’s the strange thing that came out of the swamp.

In regards to bodies decaying at various rates–it happens, but it depends on your environment. Swamps can actually preserve bodies quite well. There have been bodies found down in peaty areas that are quite well-preserved. If you compared this to a warm humid place, like New Orleans, the bodies were decayed fully in a matter of a few months. So the idea of a body being well-preserved in a swampy area is plausible, it just depends on the overall environment of the swamp, temperature, soil, etc..


A creepy swamp monster disappeared your associate? Likely.

Your friend is gone; you’re the last one who saw him alive and a swamp monster got him? Really? Sounds like bullcrap to me.

Let’s consider for a minute that Randolph did not murder Warren, out in the swamp, for money, or whatever. They found this awful monster, in a crypt, in a cemetery that nobody goes to. Maybe, just maybe, there are reasons that nobody goes there and goes around opening crypts. Makes sense. There are scary things there, so they were locked away and now nobody goes there.

Look, people, sometimes something is so dangerous that we lock it up and throw away the key, like Chernobyl, or the town that was bought by the government, up in coal mining country because it’s on fire underground and has been for a long time. We put these places off-limits for a reason. A murderous swamp monster is certainly a reason to lock a place away.

If it’s locked and abandoned and nobody has been there in years, maybe don’t go there.


I still think Randolph is a murderer.

Weigh In

Did Randolph kill Warren?

If you found a creepy swamp crypt, would you go inside?


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