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Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family-II

Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family-IIFacts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family-II

After Arthur’s father died, his mother took him to the family estate and decided to raise him as a gentleman with the little family money that was left. Arthur grew up to be a man more concerned with poetry, but was not good-looking. It was his personality and brain that made it able for people to tolerate him. Arthur went to Oxford, where he took the highest honors.

Ultimately, he decided to continue the family work on the city of white apes in Africa. He found out that the city had housed a population of white apes. One of which was a white ape goddess. When Arthur made it to Africa, he did find the city, but found its size to be much exaggerated. There was said the be a goddess figure there that people worshiped, but it had been taken away at the time, but it was promised that Arthur would have it.

The story went that the white goddess had lived there. She had even had a consort of a white god. The goddess went away for a while, but then came back. When she died, her body was preserved and this was the goddess figure that the people worshiped. Arthur went back home to wait on the box that would bring the goddess figure into his possession.

The box did arrive. Arthur looked at it alone. He let out a cry. He went to the basement and did not return. No one saw anything of him until they saw him light himself on fire out on the moor. It was then that the box was looked at. Inside of the box was a mummified figure of what may have been a woman, or an ape, a hybrid perhaps. Around the figure’s neck was a locket, which bore strange markings, these turned out to be the family crest of Arthur’s family. Some said that Arthur had even borne a resemblance to the figure in the box. The Anthropological society burned the figure in the box and threw the locket in a well and do not admit that Arthur ever existed.


This story now brings into question the idea of a missing link. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, a missing link, is what supposedly connects human to an evolutionary line. Many theorize that it’s an ape-like creature, although we have no evidence. We’ve never found anything that is closest connected to our nearest relatives. Scientifically, there should be a missing link, but we don’t have one. That’s the strange thing about all of this. We’ve observed evolution in action, but we cannot prove the concept on ourselves.


The idea here is that Arthur’s great-great-great-grandfather essentially bred with a nearly related ape and his family was strange as a result, because they weren’t entirely human.

I think, if there was a species close to us that we could breed with that there would actually be problems associated with breeding. We’ve observed this in the world. If a lion and a tiger have a baby, the baby usually has problems. Most hybrid animals are actual sterile. The only exceptions are when various cat and dog types are close enough to breed, but again, temperaments can be affected.

Looking at Arthur’s ancestor, Wade, did he love this ape-woman and have an actual relationship with her, or did he have a relationship with an animal? She looked close enough to human to wear a locket and to wear clothes, so theoretically, she could hold a relationship, but I tend to think that Wade took advantage of the situation.

If you’re a true scientist, you don’t put yourself into the experiment. Wade went to Africa intent on doing research, but found an ape-like female that he had sex with and had a child. He even took her back to Africa to die, or be killed, or who knows. If you wanted to be a professional scientist, you wouldn’t go have sex with an ape-like creature to see if you could get it pregnant.

People denied the very idea of Arthur’s existence, because it’s an abomination. Arthur is part ape-creature. None of us humans alive, unless you count the lizard people, are part anything else besides human. I think Wade crossed a line that shouldn’t have been crossed and Arthur’s entire family was marked there after.

We really shouldn’t blame Wade’s descendants for what Wade did, but it would be very difficult to accept a strange truth as difficult as this one in polite society.


Just make sure it’s human before you have sex with it.

Weigh In

Could you live with yourself if you found out a terrible truth like this in your family?

Would Wade’s actions have been acceptable under any circumstances?


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