Lovecraft, Lovecraft-H.P.

Sweet Ermengarde-A Simple Rustic Maid

Sweet Ermengarde-A Simple Rustic Maid Sweet Ermengarde-A Simple Rustic Maid

Ermengarde, whose name was actually Ethyl Ermengarde Stubbs, was the daughter of a bootlegger and farmer. Her father was not rich, but he had a piece of land with a mortgage on it. Ermengarde grew into a beautiful young woman. Some assumed she was much older than her sixteen confessed years, but people admired her anyway.

There were two men who sought after Ermengarde’s hand in marriage. One was the man who held the note on her father’s land, a man named Squire Hardman. The other was a young man named Jack Manly. Squire Hardman sought to have Ermengarde though the influence of blackmail. He would tell her father that he should make Ermengarde marry him, otherwise, the land would be foreclosed upon.

Meanwhile, Jack confessed his love to Ermengarde, who was all too happy to hear of it. She told him to buy the ring at Perkins Hardware.


This story reminds me of one of those old cartoons where the villain wears a cape and twiddles a long mustache.


A love triangle! Who would have expected it?!

This is only the first part to this story, but so far, it’s your classic story about two men vying for one woman. One of the men is rich and the other is not as rich. The rich one usually has some major character flaws and the not as rich one usually has the heart of gold. Usually, the fair maiden, chooses the not as rich one because she values happiness and love over wealth. Is that the case with this story? I have no idea, but we’ll see.


“Curses! Foiled Again! Drat!,” he said as he furiously twirled his mustache.

Weigh In

If you had to pick, which man would you choose?

Is Ermengarde sweet and innocent?


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