Andrews-Jean, Lovecraft, Lovecraft-H.P.

Sweet Ermengarde A Dastardly Act

Sweet Ermengarde A Dastardly ActSweet Ermengarde A Dastardly Act

While Jack had gone to the city to seek his fame and fortune in order to pay off the mortgage owed by the Stubbes, Squire Hardman was up to yet more dastardly deeds. There was a section of town, of ill-repute, where people were all to happy to do something for money. Squire Hardman had Ermengarde kidnapped from her home and held hostage by a rough old woman in the shack town.

Squire Hardman thought he could wear Ermengarde down, maybe then she would marry him, but she refused each and every time. He said he would go after her parents, she begged that her parents be spared. Jack knew nothing of the whole deal as he was in the city seeking his fame and fortune.


While many a woman has been forced into marriage by kidnapping, it’s generally frowned upon these days. Most likely, your kidnapped wife can get herself a nice divorce if the circumstances of your marriage were ever made known. I tend to think that in the era that this story was set in, kidnapping a woman in order to convince her to marry you was not a thing, but I could be wrong. Maybe it was a practice that was still held.


We all know that Squire Hardman is just after Ermengarde for the farm, but part of me wonders if h actually wants her affection and love as well. Why in the world would you try so hard if you didn’t want someone’s affection? Well, we all know about those people who have gone through supposed romances and marriages only with an eye to some fortune or fame, so maybe Squire Hardman was trying so hard because of the money, but maybe not. Maybe he saw this nice young woman and decided that she would make a good wife, but if that were the case, he forgot that you cannot force someone to love you, although, there is Stockholm syndrome.


I know you were thinking that kidnapping Ryan Gosling might bring him to care for you eventually, but it probably won’t turn out that way.

Weigh In

Do feral animals that have been tamed have Stockholm syndrome?

What would you do in Ermengarde’s situation?


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