Lovecraft, Lovecraft-H.P.

Sweet Ermengarde The City Chap

Sweet Ermengarde The City ChapSweet Ermengarde The City Chap

The hunter, named Algernon, had convinced Ermengarde to go to the city with him to elope. They were going there by train. While on the train Algernon fell asleep and a paper fell out of his pocket. Ermengarde picked it up and realized that it was a love letter from another woman.

She whispered, “Perfidious deceiver,” and pushed him out of the train window and went to sleep.


Wouldn’t it be so much more classy if we all said, “Perfidious deceiver,” when we found out that someone had been cheating on us?


Ermengarde pushed a guy out of a moving train. I’m beginning to suspect that she’s not as innocent as she was first presented. There is the ambiguity of her age after all. Maybe she’s just not a nice person. I think this incident shows that our Ermengarde isn’t this sweet little innocent thing. Our heroine has another side, if she is even our heroine, maybe, she’s something of a villain? We’ll see.


Pushed a guy out of a train…

Weigh In

Would you push someone out of a moving train?

What would your response have been to finding the love letter?


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