Lovecraft, Lovecraft-H.P.

Sweet Ermengarde Alone in the Great City

Sweet Ermengarde Alone in the Great CitySweet Ermengarde Alone in the Great City

After pushing her would-be husband out of a moving train, Ermengarde finished the ride into the city. She figured that she could find a job in nothing flat in order to provide herself with what she needed and pay of the mortgage on her family’s farm. Ermengarde soon found that no one really wanted to hire someone with no experience in anything and was thus left sleeping on benches in parks in a short amount of time.

One day, while in the park, she found a purse, it didn’t have any money of consequence in it so Ermengarde decided to return it to its owner. The owner was delighted to have he purse back and was delighted in Ermengarde because she reminded her of her long-lost daughter Maude. The woman took Ermengarde in and Ermengarde was able to resume dying her hair blonde.


Yeah, that experience thing will get you in the butt when you’re trying to look for work, even for things like being a cashier or waiting tables. The great conundrum of the whole thing is that you’re supposed to have experience, but no one will ever give you experience. You can’t really count making Mac n’ Cheese while you were babysitting as cooking experience. Even if you’ve got the education, people still want experience, so you either have to get really lucky or know who to suck up to.


Ermengarde is a bit naive, but she’s also lucky. Who else moves to a strange place and just has some wealthy person take them in? No one. Ermengarde did learn that by being honest, in returning the purse, she did get something good. You don’t always reap something good immediately after doing something good, but usually something good comes of it.


You should probably return that wallet you found, maybe you’ll get adopted by a rich person.

Weigh In

Would you have gone back home had you been Ermengarde?

Would you have returned the purse?


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