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Sweet Ermengarde Happy Ever After

Sweet Ermengarde Happy Ever AfterSweet Ermengarde Happy Ever After

Ermengarde had been with the old woman some time. The old woman had adopted her as her own and decided that Ermengarde would be heir to what she had. One day, Ermengarde decided to go back and see what had become of her parents, apparently, she hadn’t thought to do this before. She got in the car with her new driver, who turned out to be none-other than her would-be husband, that she had pushed out of a moving train. He was ok and he apologized to Ermgengarde profusely, which she accepted.

They went back to the family farm and Ermengarde paid off Squire Hardman. Jack Manly was there too with his new bride; he wanted to borrow money from Squire Hardman. The old woman had gone along for the ride as well, but she recognized Ermengarde’s mother. Apparently, Ermengarde’s mother had once been a nanny to the old woman’s stolen daughter, in fact, Ermengarde was the same child that Hannah Stubbs had stolen from the old woman. Ermengarde was actually Maude. Maude was actually closer to twenty-eight rather than the sixteen she had been claiming all of these years.

She had money now and her parents had been deceivers. She wanted more money still. She remembered Squire Hardman’s proposal and offered to take him up on it, well, rather blackmailed him into it. She told him that she wanted to get married right away or she would tell the police about that whole kidnapping thing last year. Squire Hardman was just stupid enough to comply. This was the end of Ermengarde’s story, perhaps she was never sweet in the first place.


Why would this girl not check on her parents first thing after getting into a safe position?


It was as I started to suspect partially through the story–Ermengarde wasn’t really so sweet after all. I mean, she did lie about her age, profusely, and she pushed a guy out of a moving train. That seems rather shady and also not very nice.

Ermengarde, although beautiful, turned out to be the most dastardly person in this entire story. Actually, no one was really as good as they had first presented, excepting maybe the old woman. Nobody stood up as this example of goodness in this story, not even Jack Manly, who had seemed so promising in the beginning. Everybody was bad in their own way, but the person we thought was the victim in the beginning, was pretty much the worst person of them all.

She’s marrying a guy for his money and has no regard for the people who raised her, even if they stole her. Although, I admit, I would be pretty conflicted at this as well. If I found out that I had been kidnapped, from a wealthy family, and raised in poverty, I would be pretty ticked. I mean, there would still be affection towards my family, kidnapped or otherwise, well, granted that they had been halfway decent while raising me, but there would also definitely be anger.

I can’t fault Ermengarde entirely for being awful to her kidnap-opted family, but I still kind of feel she’s been a bit too harsh.

She also turned around and blackmailed a guy into marrying her. That’s not something people really do, well, ok, people actually do that, but it’s not nice.

This also goes to show you that beautiful does not mean good.


Sweet Ermengarde my foot!

Weigh In

What would you do if you found out that you were kidnapped from a rich family?

Is Ermengarde evil?


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