Lovecraft, Lovecraft-H.P.

The Nameless City

The Nameless CityThe Nameless City

An archeologist is out in the Arabian Peninsula in search of an ancient city. A poet wrote of its existence and the archeologist found it. Its great ruins are out in the desert. It’s incredibly dark there. Something about the city is unnerving. There are no inhabitants there now. The archaeologist cannot stand to sleep in the city after dark. He collects samples of this and that, but soon finds a way underground.

The way was not meant for humans. There are paintings on the wall of a strange race. They’re not human, reptilian is a better description. Their city used to be coastal, but it seems the waters receded and the city died. The tunnels are all low. No one is here now, except for the archaeologist, or so it seems.

He goes down and down, further underground. His torch goes out, but there’s a glow ahead, which he follows. He hears a strong wind. There are terrifying creatures that soon engulf him.


This was a long story that seemed to drag. I know that this story leads into some other Lovecraft tales, but it wasn’t interesting to read, in my opinion.

Is this where the reptilians come from? You know, like all our world leaders, who are apparently reptilians, at least according to David Icke.


I tend to think that some things should just be left alone. You may find out some awful truth or even unleash something that should stay where it is. For example, let’s say that there are a bunch of bodies of people who died of some awful, highly contagious disease back in the day and they’ve all been buried in ground that stays frozen most of the year. Someone finds these graves and is curious, probably some scientists and epidemiologists, but despite taking proper precautions, the disease is incredibly contagious and gets out. Because people don’t really know a lot about it, nor is there a vaccine or even treatment, all heck breaks loose. Would it not have been better had these people just left well-enough alone?

Yeah, sure, ancient cities are interesting, but sometimes maybe they should just be left there, for various reasons, not all of which are supernatural.


Let the reptilians keep their city.

Weigh In

Would you poke around in the city?

What if you found a reptilian race?


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