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#714 Season to Taste by Natalie Young

Season to Taste by Natalie YoungSeason to Taste by Natalie Young

Lizzie has murdered her husband, just one day, out of the blue. She had a bit of trouble deciding what to do with his body, but ultimately, she decided to eat him. She cut up his body, labeled it, and put it in the freezer. the first thing she ate was his hand. His name had been Jacob and their marriage had been thirty years long, without a whole lot going on.

She figures she can eat her husband in a short time and then leave, going north to Scotland and living another life. At first, Lizzie has a difficult time eating her husband, but she seasons his flesh and eats her husband, bite by bite. Along the way, she makes a friend of a younger man named Jake. Ultimately, the two end up living together, while she vacillates between staying or going.

What I liked

Um, not a whole lot.

What I didn’t like

Besides this book not being exciting, nor having a clear villain or good guy, it’s gross. The details of what Lizzie is doing with her husband’s body are not extreme considering that I’ve worked in the medical field, but they are gross because we’re talking about a person eating another person’s body. It’s difficult to get through.

I don’t have any sympathy for Lizzie. She murdered her husband, who didn’t deserve it, in my opinion. Look, I believe that there are some good reasons that a person might murder another. If someone is trying to kill you, kill them first. If they broke into your house and are trying to kill you, by all means, defend yourself. If they have been abusing your children or yourself, if I were the judge, I wouldn’t judge you too harshly if you killed the abuser. Your husband being a mediocre person is not a reason for murder; it might not even be grounds for divorce if you two get along fairly well.

The way I see it– if Lizzie didn’t like her husband that much, she should have divorced him. He may have been boring, but he was still alive.

I also have a hard time believing that Lizzie was able to eat her husband in what seemed to be a short period of time. That’s a lot of meat, granted that some weight is lost during cooking and trimming, it’s still a lot of meat. Did Lizzie have the stomach of a bear? Two bears? I don’t get how one person can even fictionally eat so much.

The book was difficult to follow. It may have been because I was listening to it while programming, but I kept losing track if what was going on and when. I would even lose track of who was narrating.


Don’t bother.

Weigh in

Would you eat a person if you had to?

What do you think Lizzie should have done?


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